Setting Up Your BnB for a Workout

Travel comes with the allure of comfort zone, meaning fitness may seem out of reach. Of course, most people would only want to think about something other than stretching, running, etc., when on vacation. However, staying in good shape physically when traveling is critical. Thanks to unexpected tropical pests (like mosquitos), poor transport, strange beds, excessive indulgence, and strange foods, your health is likely to get a beating. So, you’ve booked into a BnB, and it’s time to exercise in the room. How do you set up the space for the session?

Before we look at that, here is a handy tip: carry a sportswear, such as tights, for your indoor workout. At Aim’n, there is a variety of black tights to choose from, and no body size is too big or too small for this giant online shop’s supplies. Their tights are made of durable material and are highly elastic to facilitate movement during exercise.

Turning Your BnB in an Exercise Room

Here is how to:

Move the movables: While your BnB isn’t your home, it has furniture (couches, tables, stools, and appliances) just like your home. You should move these stuff to create space for exercise. Be sure to return everything in place after your session.

Lay a rug: Some exercises involve lying down, and a tiled floor may not feel comfortable. Be sure to carry a small rug for this purpose. There is no guarantee your room will have one.

Let the music play: If music motivates you, let it play as you work out. You could use your laptop, smartphone, or any other equipment.

Serving Food

Once the owner has sorted out the rooms, it is time to decide what kind of food they will serve. The standard is usually some variation on the classic English breakfast. This is a very safe option, and guests are sure to appreciate going for something so traditional. However, opting for it will also mean that customers will judge their breakfasts based on all of the others they have enjoyed in the past. Owners may struggle to serve the best possible English breakfast, especially since there are so many individual elements to the dish. This option can also make the B&B seem too bland. Luckily there are plenty of alternative serving possibilities to choose from instead.


One of the best things about this type of food is that it is so versatile. Most people consider pancakes to be a form of dessert. However, in their simple eggy form, they can also be transformed into a tasty savoury meal. There are numerous filling possibilities. Pancakes are also very easy to create, making them an excellent option for B&B owners who do not want to spend hours in the kitchen.

Vegan Breakfasts

In recent years vegan diets have entered the spotlight. Publications such as the Metro have documented a rise in the number of people who identify as vegans. Therefore if owners want to expand the appeal of their bed and breakfast, they could offer food that is not made from any animal derivatives. It is also the perfect option for people interested in minimising their carbon footprint.


Some guests may be particularly health-conscious. They will avoid high cholesterol meals such as English breakfasts in favour of something that is better for their body. Smoothies can be made from fruit, vegetables or a combination of both. These drinks fill people with all the nutrients and vitamins they need for an active day. They can also be delicious.

Champagne Breakfasts

Some bed and breakfasts offer their guests a fun alcoholic stay. Adding a glass of champagne to the meal will be appealing to a large number of people. However, the owners need to ensure that everyone is above the age limit. It is also essential to research the local alcohol serving laws and abide by them.

Decorating B&Bs

The hospitality industry has become very saturated in recent years as more people have recognised the lucrative nature of bed and breakfasts (B&B). Letting a home out to guests is a great way to generate some extra income.

However, if the B&B is not decorated correctly, it can reduce its overall appeal. No one wants to stay in accommodation with a style that is too garish or plain. It is, therefore, important that owners complete several steps to get their B&B looking as good as possible.

Understanding What Is Popular

The main goal of any B&B is to attain as many customers as possible. This can be achieved by decorating the interior based on what is currently popular. There are numerous websites, including the BBC which can be utilised as resources. They will inform readers on what types of furniture and décor are in vogue.

Not everyone has an eye for decorating, and it can be difficult for some to complete an interior design project. If they read magazines and books on the subject, it will help them to understand what looks aesthetically pleasing.

Hiring an Interior Decorator Instead

If B&B owners find these kinds of projects too challenging, then there is always the option of getting outside help. Plenty of popular bed and breakfasts have interiors that were designed by seasoned professionals. Allowing people with an artistic eye to sort out the look of the place will free the owner up to focus on more critical business matters.

The main drawback with this option is that it can be costly. Not all B&B owners have the funds to employ an interior designer. However, those with enough money should invest in one as it can make a huge difference.

Researching Different Colour Theories

Colour is one of the most important aspects of decorating. It will dictate the overall mood of a room. If the wrong hues are used, it can have a negative emotional effect on the guests. The owners can research the basics of colour theory in order to better understand which ones will look best within their B&B. For example, oranges and reds have warm tones to them, whereas blue and grey tend to be cold. Green will often have a calming effect on guests.

Asking the Guests for Their Feedback

If the owner is still unsure, then they can simply ask their customers what they think. When guests give their honest opinion on the décor, it allows for insight into the strengths of the room and what should change. This feedback does not have to be given face to face. Instead, the guests may provide their opinion in the form of an online review after their stay.

Advertising B&Bs

A bed and breakfast will only be successful if it can receive enough guests. Marketing is therefore essential for these kinds of businesses. The more well known a B&B is, the more profit it will tend to accumulate. If there are several accommodation options in one area, it is imperative to advertise the property well. This can be achieved in several different ways.

Social Media Marketing

It is fair to say that social media has become one of the largest platforms for global advertising. Plenty of news companies, including the Guardian, have recorded this phenomenon. So if B&B owners want their property to be noticed, there is no better alternative than these apps.

A Poster Campaign

Old fashioned techniques still have their place. For example, sometimes, the potential clientele are located in one specific area. Posters could be scattered around it, informing the public about the benefits of the B&B. This option will also allow the marketing to reach people who do not use the internet.

Television Ads

On the other hand, it may be best to go for national coverage. In these cases, a television ad will work very well. However, paying for airtime can be prohibitively expensive. Therefore, this option is only recommended for large B&Bs that already have plenty of capital to utilise.

Word of Mouth

Once a number of guests have left the B&B and felt satisfied, they can tell their friends about their stay. Word of mouth remains a crucial way for people to find high-quality bed and breakfasts. Owners will not have much control over it. All they can do is deliver excellent service and hope for the best.

Hiring Cleaners

Sometimes bed and breakfast proprietors try to handle all of the cleaning tasks themselves. However, it is often more complicated than it looks. A high-quality cleaning job requires a fine eye for detail. If any tiny messes are left, it can ruin a guest’s stay.

Furthermore, B&B owners are often too busy with other aspects of running the property. For example, they genuinely do not have the time to perform cleaning jobs. In these situations, it is best to hire a professional. They must be experienced and committed.

If cleaners do not correctly handle chemicals, it can lead to hazards that may be potentially life-threatening. Therefore, endurance is one of the most significant qualities to look for in a cleaner. This is especially true if the property is enormous.

Guests will arrive at a specific time, and the rooms need to be ready beforehand. Therefore the cleaner should have good timekeeping skills. If the owner communicates with their employees, it can make the running of the B&B stay as smooth as possible. When cleaning a room, the critical thing to bear in mind is that the guests need to have a pleasant experience.

Cleaning and Customer Reviews

Guest feedback can undoubtedly make or break a bed and breakfast. This is especially true if a negative review is made public. In the modern hospitality industry, a lot rides on positive online reviews. A surprising number of internet customer reviews are fake, but this does not mean that B&Bs can afford to ignore negative ones. Every bad word said about the accommodation can deter guests from booking.

The cleanliness of the rooms will usually be of paramount importance to the customers. They want the interiors to be spotless. For this reason, proprietors invest a lot of time and money into the cleaning of their B&B.

Cleaning and customer reviews work both ways. When the bed and breakfast is immaculate, the guests will write about it in a praising manner. Conversely, a filthy looking abode will result in terrible feedback.

Once the owner has sorted out their cleaning issues, they can focus on other essential aspects of their business. Cleanliness is just one key part of a top-quality bed and breakfast. Running these properties requires a person to be constantly monitoring how they can improve them.