Advertising B&Bs

A bed and breakfast will only be successful if it can receive enough guests. Marketing is therefore essential for these kinds of businesses. The more well known a B&B is, the more profit it will tend to accumulate. If there are several accommodation options in one area, it is imperative to advertise the property well. This can be achieved in several different ways.

Social Media Marketing

It is fair to say that social media has become one of the largest platforms for global advertising. Plenty of news companies, including the Guardian, have recorded this phenomenon. So if B&B owners want their property to be noticed, there is no better alternative than these apps.

A Poster Campaign

Old fashioned techniques still have their place. For example, sometimes, the potential clientele are located in one specific area. Posters could be scattered around it, informing the public about the benefits of the B&B. This option will also allow the marketing to reach people who do not use the internet.

Television Ads

On the other hand, it may be best to go for national coverage. In these cases, a television ad will work very well. However, paying for airtime can be prohibitively expensive. Therefore, this option is only recommended for large B&Bs that already have plenty of capital to utilise.

Word of Mouth

Once a number of guests have left the B&B and felt satisfied, they can tell their friends about their stay. Word of mouth remains a crucial way for people to find high-quality bed and breakfasts. Owners will not have much control over it. All they can do is deliver excellent service and hope for the best.

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